Business Credit

Several years ago we decided to create a Department dedicated exclusively to credit insurance. Fully aware of the fact that effective and efficient credit management is a complicated art for any business, our desire was to give maximum support to our customers, giving them the best opportunities to increase both domestic and foreign sales. In […]

Employee Benefit

Legislative evolution in the fiscal field and greater public awareness of welfare issues have motivated us to research the matter in depth until we are now able to design and manage welfare plans for companies to benefit both their Employees and Directors, ranging from health plans through to the use of Assistance Funds and Mutual […]

International Insurance Plans

The wealth of experience our Partners have, which also includes multinational brokerage companies, has allowed us to acquire increasingly more know-how, not only in order to manage in-coming international plans, but above all to create and manage out-going international insurance plans for our Customers who have production sites or sales bases abroad. The aim is […]

Risk Management

Our passion for finding insurance coverage for our customers has expanded to include risk management. We have therefore invested resources in this area, in accordance with ISO 31000 standards, with the aim of carrying out risk assessment and mapping the risks of our Clients’ Companies, identifying and sharing risk capacity and risk tolerance with them, […]

Fine Art

The Fine Art world has developed a lot in recent years, and is no longer just for the few, but has become a source of investment for those with the right kind of economic resources. We have taken on the challenge of these changes, and have found finely customised insurance coverage for collectors, ranging from […]

Public Bodies & Utilities

Our internal department specialised in the management of insurance for Public Bodies and Public Utilities has been operating for several years. From the outset, we chose to offer our skills mainly to small and medium-sized organisations, those which need the services of our high level consultancy the most.

Services & Professions

In 2010 we created an internal department which has specialised since then in the management of professional liability, with particular reference to accountants, lawyers and doctors. Our vocation to be consultants first, and then intermediaries, has meant that our work for medium-large professional firms is of a particularly high standard.


We have gained significant experience in the entertainment sector over the years. We have identified risks and given effective insurance solutions to those in the theatre – from theatre management to insurance cover for precious musical instruments – or the cinema – from insurance cover for film production and shooting equipment, to health and accident […]


The hotel sector has grown considerably in the last 20 years and even small family concerns have become real companies, with all the associated risks. Our skill has been precisely that of accompanying the growth of these companies, helping them to address the changing needs faced by the entrepreneur, such as growth in size or […]


One of the first sectors we started dealing with was in fact the health sector, and in particular private clinics. Acros expertise in the field has gradually matured along with the evolution of health provision legislation, including the most recent Gelli-Bianco Law in Italy. In this particularly complex context, we have found suitable insurance solutions […]