Right from the outset here in Acros, we have been able to draw on the high level of expertise of some of the Partners in dealing with and managing risks related to traditional energy sources, particularly the supply of natural gas.
Over the years we have also developed new skills in dealing with the risks associated with renewable energy sources, creating insurance plans for large scale wind farms and photovoltaic parks.
We have a great deal of experience both in dealing with the risks associated with the construction phase of parks and farms – from the transport of the material required to build them, including Advance Loss of Profit, to the risks of assembly – and also with the operational phase, guaranteeing all risks. Typical problems of this latter type for wind power include machine breakdown, indirect damage, risks related to landslides where wind turbines are installed and other natural disasters; while for photovoltaic parks the most common problems are theft, machine breakdown, electrical phenomena and, obviously, natural disasters.