Tailor Made

“We at Rana have always found that the biggest difference between Acros and other companies in the sector, lies in the way in which they really look after their clients. Using Acros means that we deal with just a few contacts who are taking care of the Rana account to meet the company’s needs precisely yet flexibly, thereby giving us a service much like having a suit made to measure, rather than offering us a standard product as do many other insurance brokers.”

Gian Luca Rana



“In a world today, where there is a rapid blending and merging of companies into soulless, faceless groups and financial services, what makes all the difference to us is being able to have a family-owned service provider which still has family traditions and emanates that feeling of belonging to a family: It means that we always know that they care about us and that they will always do the best for us.”

Lorenzo Poli



“Continuous innovation in a complex sector such as the sale of electricity and gas and energy efficiency, requires being able to rely on advanced risk control and risk management systems. We have always found Acros has the necessary expertise to provide us with the right insurance solutions for our ever-evolving needs. They carry out thorough research in both the Italian and foreign insurance markets so as to give us fully customised products.”

Andrea Bolla



“Proactivity, responsiveness, courtesy and transparency of those who truly care about customer loyalty using competence and concreteness.

Feeling adequately protected by professionals in your area for both business and personal matters, a dimension whose boundaries are often blurred in business families: this is the value we perceive in Acros after many years of collaboration.”

Fabio Zanardi



“Here at Acros, quality must always be found in two aspects: the product and service. Product quality means not only carefully selecting the insurance markets in which to operate, but also creating each coverage plan according to each Client’s needs and specific insurance background. Quality of service, on the other hand, is more idealistic, and we aim to provide this above all in our direct, personalised broker-client relationship. In fact, our job is not to sell policies, it is to be personal consultants for each of our customers.”

Pierpaolo Barozzi

ACROS | Account Manager

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