Pierpaolo Barozzi

Account Manager



Pierpaolo is a member of the Board and Directors at Acros, and also the Technical Director.

His experience in the world of insurance brokerage began in 1990 in Cassa & Assicurazioni S.p.A. – part of the Cassa di Risparmio di Verona, Vicenza Belluno e Ancona bank – where, until 1995, his role was that of Account Executive, and was responsible for the management of insurance plans for the bank’s customers and for the Cassa di Risparmio itself.

In 1991 he became a fully qualified Broker registered with the Italian Broker Registry.

In 1995 he joined Sedgwick – a multinational insurance brokerage company – where he remained until 1997 as an Account Executive for the management of insurance programmes for customers of the Verona office, including managing the in-coming side of international insurance plans.

In addition to his own professional work, Pierpaolo is a member of the Board of BiSalus Assistance Fund.

In 2018 he was one of the few Italian brokers to achieve the important RIMAP certification – Risk Management Professional – at FERMA, the European Federation of Risk Managers.